Planning and Development Law in the Netherlands. An Introduction

1 druk | ISBN 978-94-6315-012-5 | NUR 823 | 2016 | 141 pagina's


‘Planning and Development Law in the Netherlands’ seeks to be an accessible introduction to the extensive field of planning law. The book covers both the ‘planning side’ (the formal system) and the ‘development side’ (including the interrelations between municipalities and developers).

The book is primarily intended for Dutch and international students. But also researchers and practitioners outside the Netherlands seeking information about Dutch Planning and Development Law may find this a useful introduction to this complex, yet highly relevant field.

Fred Hobma and Pieter Jong are lecturers in Planning and ­Development Law.


mr. F.A.M. (Fred) Hobma

Universitair hoofddocent Omgevingsrecht

mr. dr. P. (Pieter) Jong

Sr. Jurist / Docent Ruimtelijk Bestuursrecht

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