Exploratory comparative research on the legal aspects of safety of buildings and site safety

A comparison from a Dutch perspective between Belgium, Denmark, England & Wales, France, Germany and Switzerland

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Over the past few years the Netherlands have faced a number of accidents on construction sites and incidents with collapsing buildings or other structures, or experienced the threat of unsafe buildings or constructions. The continuing issues regarding site safety and safety of buildings are the direct reason for this comparative research project. The objective of this research is to compare the legal system in the Netherlands regarding both safety of buildings and safety on and in the vicinity of construction sites, with the (legal) systems of six other European countries: Belgium, Denmark, England & Wales, France, Germany and Switzerland. The purpose of this research is threefold: firstly, it aims to give a (rough) overview of the legal systems regarding site safety and safety of buildings in a number of countries in Europe. Secondly, aligned with the first purpose, it also aims to take a critical look at opinions (presented as facts) existing in the Netherlands regarding the foreign systems which are researched in this project, and finally, its aim is to draw lessons from other countries’ legal systems and to come up with recommendations for improvement of the current and future Dutch system.

More about this comparative research can be found on this page.

Belgium: S. Bontinck, E. Dieltiens and D. Verhoeven
Denmark: M.L.B. Andersen, O. Hansen and M.S. Denwers
England & Wales: A.P. Lavers
France: N. Armbruster and A. Le Pallec
Germany: B. Fuchs
The Netherlands: E.M. Bruggeman, M.A.B. Chao-Duivis and J.R. Hoogendoorn
Switzerland: P. Rey and H. Stöckli


prof. mr. dr. E.M. (Evelien) Bruggeman

Directeur Instituut voor Bouwrecht Hoogleraar bouwrecht TU Delft

mr. J.R. (Jeroen) Hoogendoorn

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