Studies in European Construction Law

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International projects and other cross-border activity have become a common part of the European construction scene. As well as opportunities, this phenomenon brings challenges and risks. It has become vital for those working outside their own national boundaries to have some appreciation of the legal environment in which they are operating, not as a substitute for specialist legal advice, but as a basis for understanding. 

This book, prepared under the auspices of the European Society of ­Construction Law, contains accounts of the law of twelve major European jurisdictions in ­relation to a range of construction matters. Some are general, such as standard form contracts and sub-contracting, and the respective obligations of employer and ­contractor. Others are specific aspects of contractual performance: the duty to warn, payment, subsoil conditions, delay and disruption and liquidated damages. Issues of liability and dispute resolution are also considered. 

The work offers students and practitioners the opportunity to make ­comparisons between different approaches to common construction law issues in the ­jurisdictions represented. These are:

Belgium The Netherlands
Denmark Romania
France Slovak Republic
Germany Sweden
Greece Switzerland
Italy United Kingdom
Czech Republic Bulgaria

Please note that the Czech Republic chapter is only available as of December 15, 2016. If you ordered this publication before this date, the Czech chapter can be downloaded for free here. The Bulgarian chapter is only available as of December 13, 2017. This chapter can be downloaded for free here.

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RedacteursMonika Chao-Duivis, Giovanni Iudica, Benoît Kohl, Anthony Lavers, Hugues Périnet-Marquet, Hubert Stöckli & Panagiotis Verveniotis
Jaar van uitgave2015
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